Classroom Rules and Rewards

I believe that children work best when they have clear expectations that are consistently enforced and receive positive reinforcement for meeting those expectations.  I will strive to make clear to my students he rules and expectations in our classroom that will best enable us to create a learning environment.

    While students work best when positively reinforced, misbehavior does occur and students must experience natural and enforced consequences.  Each student will have a clip with his or her number on it that will be moved along a chart according to his or her behavior.  Each day every child’s clip will be placed on “Ready to learn”.  If there is a problem and the regular preventative actions that have been taken (such as a look, close proximity, etc.) have failed, the child’s clip will be moved down a level.

o   Warning- stop what you are doing and fix the behavior
o   Consideration desk- The child will sit at the consideration desk and fill out a Fix-It-Form.  The child will identify the misbehavior and create a plan to fix it.  He/she will conference briefly with me for approval of the plan for better behavior. This plan will need to be read over and signed by the student’s parent that evening and returned the following school day. If the form is not returned, the student will miss their recess privilege until it is returned.
o   If further misbehavior occurs a student-parent-teacher conference may be held in order to create a plan for better behavior.

    I will be handing out B.U.G. (Being Unusually Good) cards to those students who are following the rules.  These cards can then be traded for a privilege of the student’s choice.

1.     Be respectful

2.     Be a good listener

3.     Be cooperative

4.     Be safe

5.     Do your best


1.  Teacher’s Chair (one day)  -  10 bugs

2.  Swap-Swap desk spots with a classmate (one day)  -  10 bugs

3.  Fluffy Friend – bring a stuffed animal (one day)  -  10 bugs

4.  Be the first from our class to go to lunch  -  15 bugs

5.  Show and Tell – bring something you’d like to show the class (one day)  -  10 bugs

6.  “Job Swap” with anyone (one day)  -  10 bugs

7.  Read Aloud! Read a story of your choice to the class (one day)-       15 bugs

8.  Line Jumper- jump behind the Line leader (one week)  -15 bugs

9.  Five extra minutes of recess for the whole class (one day)  -  25 bugs

10.   A brand new mechanical pencil  -  15 bugs

11.  Use a pen for a day  -  15 bugs

12.  Eat lunch with teacher  -  25 bugs

13.  Play with clay during free time for a day  -  25 bugs

14.  Draw on art paper while the teacher reads  -  25 bugs