I am a strong believer in practicing math facts.  Taking the time to work with your child on their flash cards for 20 minutes will help your child memorize and master their math facts.  Below I have provided some resources to help you know how to help your child be successful in third grade. 


This is a game to help students mast their math facts:

This site has printable addition flash cards:

This is another site that has printable flash cards:


This is a website that has games to practice subtraction facts:

These are fun game to practice subtraction facts:

Here are some sites that you can print flash cards.  The first one also give you some fun tips to help remember subtraction facts.


This website shows students how to use an array to solve a multiplication problem.

This is a fun online flash card practice.

This is a site that has some online games to practice facts:

These are websites that you can print multiplication flash cards.


These are websites that have games to practice division facts:

This is a website that you can print division flash cards: