Science Textbook
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  • Nasa -This site is great for kids to use their mouse to get a general overview of the planets in our solar system. Also provides information at a greater depth for curious minds.
  • Astronomy and Solar System Information -This site is great for kids and they can access all different kinds of information here that will help them understand our solar system and beyond.
  • Interesting Websites  -Links to cool websites and how to log onto the science text book.
  • Planet Facts -Interesting facts about the planets.
  • Solar System -Interesting facts about our solar system.
  • What is in our solar system? -This site is great for learning about planets, moons, comets, and asteroids.

Light Years!

What is a Galaxy?

  • Galaxies - This site talks about different galaxies and how they form.
  • Milky Way Galaxy - Cool pictures and videos on the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Stars - Pictures and facts about stars in our Solar System.
  • Our Home - Cool facts and pictures of our galaxy.